Howard Chasolen, DMD - Dentist Howard M. Chasolen, DMD
“As a specialist in Prosthodontics, I have known Dr. Graser for almost 2 decades. His continued true dedication to his patients and his profession is unsurpassed. Dr. Graser shows the utmost concern and priority in delivering the highest quality care to each one of his patients. In today’s health care environment, his patients are so very fortunate to have him as their dentist.”

Howard Chasolen, DMD - Dentist Kara Overbeck, D.M.D.
“As an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in Venice I have been collaborating with Dr. Shaun Graser for over 20 years. Dr. Graser provides the highest quality of care for his patients and he is able to deliver exceptional dentistry to even the most complex dental patients. We have coordinated care and treatment for hundreds of patients and he is always able to develop a well planned, comprehensive solution to address his patient’s needs. He loves his work and is an avid student and teacher, devoting significant time and effort to continuing education. It truly is a pleasure working with Dr. Graser. He has true empathy for his patients and the wonderful staff have created a warm, comfortable atmosphere.”

Richard A. Rasmussen, Jr. D.D.S. Richard A. Rasmussen, Jr. D.D.S.
“As a specialist in Periodontics, I have the opportunity to see the work of well over 200 clinicians.  I can emphatically state that Dr. Shaun Graser is absolutely at the top of the list.  I have worked with Dr. Graser for over 30 years and his work is completed meticulously and is consistently excellent.  I would highly recommend Dr. Graser.”

Angie Perz - Tampa Bay Lightning Cheerleader. -Angie Perz - Tampa Bay Lightning Cheerleader.Angie
“I have been a patient of Dr. Graser’s office for 12 years. He has maintained my smile and kept my teeth healthy. I feel right at home every time I visit. Whether it’s a simple check up or a cleaning, I am treated like a high priority. Thank you for a beautiful smile, I get compliments all the time.”

Dominic Gentile - Retired Businessman, Fitness Fanatic.- Dominic Gentile - Retired Businessman, Fitness Fanatic.Dominic
“Healthy teeth are critical to looking good and feeling great. Dr. Graser has done a wonderful job on my smile, his painless treatments are quick and easy. His team treats you like a guest in an upscale hotel. I suggest that if you are not happy with your smile that you see Dr. Graser right away, he can change your life.”

Helen Moore - Realtor, Micheal Saunders & Co.- Helen Moore - Realtor, Micheal Saunders & Co.Helen
“Dr. Graser is a gifted artist. His extraordinary talent has created a beautiful smile for me. He combines the fine art of dentistry with the best technology through painless treatments. Finding the right dentist is important for your health and appearance. I strongly recommend Dr. Graser, his confidence and ability is comforting.”

Basil Koumbis - Hotel & Restaurant Manager/Owner.- Basil Koumbis - Hotel & Restaurant Manager/Owner.Basil
“Thanks to Dr. Graser and his team I’m always smiling. His attention to detail and quality dentistry keeps my smile bright. I am in the hospitality business and am always interacting with customers. A great smile goes along way when you are dealing with people on a daily basis. If your smile is not all you want it to be, give Dr. Graser a call, you will be amazed at his skill.”

Mary Moschini - Retired Hair Dresser, Avid Golfer.- Mary Moschini - Retired Hair Dresser, Avid Golfer.

“Dr. Graser saved my smile! I had lost over 50% of my upper jaw from a previous dental experience. A Reconstructive and Dental Implant Team in Tampa referred me to Dr. Graser for dental reconstruction. Because of the advanced nature of my reconstruction, I knew I must find the best dentist to restore my beautiful smile. Dr. Graser is a gifted artist and a medical genius. Take it from me, my smile is a product of Dr. Graser’s talent, ability to visualize and create. Thanks so much!”

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